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The Dimond Brothers' Fatal Flaw on Sedevacantism & Orthodoxy

The Mosaic Explained – Synopsis

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So, in view of the fact that I no longer support the Dimond brothers of MHFM, what is my current position? Has there been a major change in the “substance” of my beliefs? In all honesty, I think not. I believe that I merely continued on, in my search for the truth, and have ended up at the doorstep of the only logical alternative to Sedevacantism; which is Orthodoxy. A Sedevacantist can be best defined as being a “half-way home” Orthodox.

It is my opinion that John Pontrello’s book, “the Sedevacantist Delusion”, honestly exposes the merits and the errors of the two major opposing traditional Roman Catholic camps, consisting of those disillusioned post-Vatican II Catholics who choose to resist the pope but still recognizing him as being one, and those attacking the legitimacy of the pope and the post-Vatican church “full throttle”. But here’s the thing: according to the teaching of Roman Catholicism, Sedevacantism is an act of both “heresy” and “schism”. I believe that the explanations I have provided for your consideration on “papal supremacy” / “papal infallibility” are factual and conclusive. Above all else, they put into perspective an entirely different scale of observation in the analysis of the underlying problem, using a holistic approach. Instead of accepting a false premise that Vatican II resulted due to a problem that arose 100 ago, the problem can be traced back to a millennium of bad theology affecting Catholic ecclesiology.

On August 15, 2018, I went with a Cameroonian friend named Boris to attend a Mass presided over by Father Maréchal, a sedevacantist priest in south-west France. The abbot informed us to be in possession of the French version of Peter Dimond’s book on salvation, that he kept at home and professed to believe in its content. To say the least, great was our joy when he informed us during this trip of the existence of a Bishop named Scharf who would support the monks of MHFM and whose ordination was considered as being valid [93] ; from the Bishop Thuc line.

A few days later we learned that Bishop Scharf did not actually support the monks but in reality openly condemned them. The latest news is that Bishop Scharf's community has since dissolved. Thus, as a result, you now find a number of young converts to Sedevacantism (thanks to the MHFM) who are forced to remain in religious isolation because the Dimonds do not actually provide any Benedictine after-sales-service (pastoral care) once a person buys into their religious scheme. What better confirmation is there that Jay Dyer knows what he is talking about! This state of affairs is unfortunately the logical consequence of the sedevacantist position, in my opinion.

What I want to share with you is that, leaving aside the religious community and liturgical aspect of the issue, my discussions with Boris will remain etched in my memory as being the “trigger” which drew my attention to the overall problem of sedevacantism. My friend’s manifested spiritual lucidity was such that even Father Maréchal had, from the first day’s meeting, mentioned the possibility of Boris becoming a priest. My Cameroonian friend taught me how to improve my prayers and made it clear that the monks' recommendation to pray the 15 decades of the Rosary each day was not wise decision on their part. It is very interesting that his explanations of things resembled the Orthodox Hesychasm, minus having to stare at one’s stomach. He instead spoke of staring a wall to help ones concentration / meditation. We also exchanged various criticisms about MHFM troubling evangelical, pastoral and ministerial practices and everything discussed seemed to make sense and be spot on. For example, as mentioned above, there exists no concrete after-sales-service with the Dimonds; they sell ”false” spiritual hope along with the “false” promise of once converting to sedevacantism of becoming a part of a robust united religious community. But the truth of the matter is … it is all “smoke and mirrors”. And then the issue of MHFM website came up; which Boris, myself and countless others find rather bizarre and confusing. The list of MHFM critique topics that came up for discussion went on and on.

Boris had reproached me for being “overly” intellectual in my religious endeavors. It's amazing, when I now think back to Jay Dyer's analysis on the subject, which I did not know about during that time. Boris shared with me the context surrounding his conversion to sedevacantism and all I can say is that the Holy Spirit is clearly actively working and, as such, provides evidence that we do not need the monks of MHFM to save us. If we think back to the “Sources Africaines” movie on the reception of the sacrements, [94] made by my “brother” and friend Antoine residing in Ivory Coast, Africa, the pastoral counsels that we gave constantly to converts, shows that we were already Orthodox without even realizing it. We managed to fill the serious gaps found in the monk’s position without being able to authenticate them. We understood instinctively that there are numerous things, a long list of things, lacking lacking within MHFM and/or in urgent need of correction; with “pastoral care” arriving at the top of the list

And, concerning a question on “salvation”, what should we think of Roman Catholic saints, such as St. John Vianney or Padre Pio, and those declared as saints in Eastern Catholic Orthodoxy? I, for one, believe it is ludicrous to even consider the outside possibility that any of these declared saints, found on either side, reside in hell today (damned). One Orthodox noted on this issue that Sedevacantists embrace the absurd proposition that only Roman Catholic saints are deified and the Orthodox saints are in hell. They hold this ridiculous position without ever having read / studied and reflected on the lives of Orthodox saints and comparing them with the lives of Roman Catholic saints. The Sedevacantist condemnation of Orthodox saints does not reflect the will of a just God. [95] This same individual invited his Orthodox brethren to read/ study and reflect on the life of Padre Pio, and to apply the same reasoning. [96]

Having reflected / meditated on this issue, I believe that Roman Catholic “heroes” like Simon de Montfort, King Saint Louis, and Baldwin IV of Jerusalem displayed true Orthodox ideals in their sacrifice and service to Christ’s Church and did not depart or retreat from defending “traditional” doctrinal teachings. Of course, these “heroes” were “Christian soldiers” not astute theologians and had not delved into trying to fully comprehend such things as the doctrine of the Trinity and the essence / energy distinction. Even Thomas Aquinas had no Greek texts before him. He could very well have changed his mind if he had read the texts of the Church Fathers on the subject. This meditation should already calm the frustrated assertions of the idealists among the “Dimondites”.

It is not just the “Essence/Energy Doctrine” that the Dimonds and their followers would be well advised familiarize themselves with. There must also be the inclusion of the Orthodox teaching on Theophanies and the Noùs (the intelligence, that each one of us possesses). The Latin (Roman) Church has lost and/or abandoned these two elements. When Saint Paul speaks of body, soul and Noùs, it is apostolic confirmation of a tripartite vision of man; contrary to the finite vision of Roman Catholicism, which sees / speaks only of the “heart” and the “intellect”. [97] The “Noùs” is the key to understanding our direct connection with God. This doctrine was however rejected by the Roman Church in favor of an Augustinian formulation; which places the death of Christ outside its celestial scope and reserving salvation exclusively for a select few. St. Maximus the Confessor developed this celestial oriented topic in his book and St. Paul speaks of it in chapter eight of his letter to the Romans. [98] In relation to salvation, Jay Dyer explains in his article on “Theophanies”:

“Individual persons are thus required to make use of their natural wills to participate in theosis or remain in the fallen state of death. … there is every reason to believe the Gospel is preached to all dead. In Orthodoxy there is no canard of ‘What happens to people who never hear the Gospel?’ Which, in most classical Western theology, consigns them all to hellfire. When Christ triumphed over death, He triumphed over all death which spread as a corruption through our nature, but not merely our nature, all of created reality.” [99]

Christ conquered death and allowed everyone to freely enter “Theosis” (the mystical union with God). Father Damascene, of the “Saint-Herman of Alaska Monastery”, in California, says that for the Orthodox Church, salvation is more than forgiveness of sins and transgressions. It is not limited. For the Fathers of the Church, salvation is "the acquisition of the grace of the Holy Spirit. To be saved is to be sanctified and to participate in the life of God. ... Salvation means not simply changing God’s attitude [towards us] but changing ourselves and being changed by God.” [100]

When one becomes aware of these stated facts, including the truth surrounding the error of “papal supremacy”, I do not see how one can continue to be troubled by the questions brought by the Dimonds of MHFM. Excluding the “heretical” theory of universal salvation, it is clear that the Dimonds’ view on “salvation” does not coincide with rational traditional Orthodox Catholic teaching. It is not heretical to state that only God can judge someone at the time of their death. It is not heretical to say that those who have lived just and moral lives and who have not had the opportunity to accept or reject Jesus as the Christ, such as a Muslim having lived righteously without scorning Jesus Christ , will be given the opportunity to freely make that choice. This Orthodox teaching explains that, God willing, those non-Christians who have lived almost according to faith and good works, without scorning Jesus Christ, will be presented with the facts surrounding His divinity and given the opportunity to accept or reject Him, (etc.) [101]

To keep it simple, if people seek the truth, they will find Jesus Christ. He left a church in the world, his own. It still exists. The teaching of this Church is made accessible to the world, still today. I invite my Catholic brothers and sisters to adhere to Catholic Orthodox teaching.

That being said, one must be wary of rushing headlong into the first orthodox church just down the street (so to speak) hoping to find the haven of peace. Many priests are convinced of the ecumenism so dear to Vatican II and the Freemasons. A new convert to Orthodoxy may, unfortunately, find some Orthodox members that are hesitant to welcome them into their “circle”, even appearing a bit hostile to him and very rigid like the Dimonds. Don’t let this dissuade you. Just remember that the” road” that leads to salvation is not obstacle free so don’t be deterred. There are those who seem to forget to “Love without Measure” as espoused by St. Bernard of Clairvaux. [102]

Anyway, the one who loves Jesus will not be troubled and will be at the same level as a North Korean convert in the middle of the communist country. He will not have at all the same stress as his comrade converted to the Dimonds’ MHFM with its “Donatist” based rules and ideals?

Who will commence his spiritual path within the unbridled fear of having to find absolutely such ordained priest in such a rite... something in which the Orthodox do not believe. I can only encourage you to learn more about Orthodoxy, which I have chosen and which I profess. I am a layman not acting in the capacity of some supreme end-times clerk. I have nothing to sell and I certainly do not seek to found a church on myself. I merely wish to convey that I firmly believe in the Orthodox and Apostolic Catholic Church, the only true Church of Jesus Christ on earth. I rejectpapal supremacy”, “papal infallibility ” and all the religious inventions that have resulted from this illegitimate bureaucratic regime. I decided not to delete the channel Le Lys et la Croix, [103] as it does not contradict my current position. That site / channel was set up primarily with the intention of assisting those finding themselves at odds with religion, in general terms. Finally, as already mentioned, Sedevacantists should simply call themselves Orthodox so as not to contradict the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and remain consistent with their demands.

The “great mosaic” can finally be displayed in the light of day. This work of elucidating certain darkened parts of that mosaic, concerning the erroneous presuppositions on the validity of the papacy, has allowed me to see more clearly now and to admire even more the beauty and the greatness of God, whom I praise and thank, forever and ever.


Jeremy Austin - 03/29/2019


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